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PIE 2.0 beta 1 released

I am thrilled to announce the release of CSS3 PIE 2.0 beta 1! This is the first official release of the 2.0 development line, which has seen several major refactoring efforts to improve performance, enhance feature support, and fix many long-standing bugs. The major changes from 1.0 are: is now a very small (~2K) […]

PIE 1.0.0 Released

I am thrilled to announce the release of CSS3 PIE version 1.0.0! This release marks a major milestone: the dropping of the “beta” label. Our five beta releases have given us twenty-two months of solid real-world testing as you, the web community, have used it on your sites. You’ve really put it through its paces, […]

PIE 1.0 beta 5 released

It’s that time again… another PIE release! Version 1.0 beta 5 is now ready for your coding pleasure. What’s new and big in this release? IE9 support! This release fills in the few CSS3 features that PIE already supported in IE 6-8 that aren’t natively supported by IE 9’s own rendering engine, specifically: linear-gradient in […]

PIE 1.0 beta 4 released

CSS3 PIE version 1.0 beta 4 has been released. This is primarily a bugfix release. Major fixes include: Fixed JavaScript error when printing Tweaked detection of IE9 to perform rendering in compatibility and quirks modes but disable rendering in IE9 standards mode Fixed errors in rendering of border-image, images with zero dimensions, and others (thanks […]

PIE 1.0 beta 3 released

It’s been a long time coming, but PIE 1.0 beta 3 is finally out! A lot has gone into this release; the major improvements include: Performance! – The biggest single improvement in this release is performance. Extensive profiling was done to identify the slowest parts of PIE’s execution, and optimizations were added for many of […]

PIE 1.0 beta 2 released

CSS3 PIE version 1.0 beta 2 has been released! This release addresses many of the most serious issues present in beta 1. Notable fixes are: The box-shadow rendering has been completely rewritten. The new version no longer uses any filters, which has completely eliminated the very poor performance previously seen when using box shadows, particularly […]

PIE 1.0 beta 1 released

CSS3 PIE version 1.0 beta 1 has been officially released! Prior to this point, PIE has been developed and tested under the radar, with very few people aware of its existence. With this, the first public beta release, I am confident saying it is ready for widespread use. I would like to thank the private […]