Building PIE From Source

This document describes how you can build PIE from the most recent source code. This is useful if you want to get a feature or bug fix which hasn't yet made it into a release package. It's also necessary if you want to make changes to the code yourself to try and fix a bug or implement a new feature. If you do so, please consider contributing your changes back to the main project so we can all benefit!


Building PIE is straightforward. You need to have the following tools installed:

  1. Git, if you are going to be checking out the source from the Git repository
  2. Java runtime, version 6 or higher
  3. Ant, for performing the build

Once these prerequisites are installed, perform the following steps:

Get the source code

You have two options for getting the source:

  1. Check out the source using Git:
    git clone git://
    cd PIE
    If you want the 2.x beta branch (master) then you're done; if you want the 1.x stable branch then run:
    git checkout 1.x
  2. Download an archive of the source: (2.x beta branch) (1.x stable branch)

Perform the build

From the root directory of your local copy of the source code, invoke the following command in the terminal:


This will perform the build, creating a new directory named "build/". This directory will contain the following files:

  • PIE_IE678.js
  • PIE_IE9.js
  • PIE_IE678_uncompressed.js
  • PIE_IE9_uncompressed.js

To use these files, copy them together into a directory on your server, and reference (or for debugging) in a behavior property in your CSS. Or, if you want to use the PIE JS version then you can include the PIE_IEx.js files using script tags (see the PIE JS documentation for details.)