PIE 1.0 beta 2 released

CSS3 PIE version 1.0 beta 2 has been released! This release addresses many of the most serious issues present in beta 1. Notable fixes are: The box-shadow rendering has been completely rewritten. The new version no longer uses any filters, which has completely eliminated the very poor performance previously seen when using box shadows, particularly […]

CSS3-in-IE Product Comparison

A lot of people have been curious about what exactly makes PIE different from the several other projects out there which attempt to implement some level of CSS3 support in IE. There are so many aspects to CSS3 that it can be difficult determining what product tackles what pieces. To help answer that question, I’ve […]

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User Forums Now Available

I’ve set up a quick-and-dirty online discussion forum at http://css3pie.com/forum/ for PIE users. This is the new venue for posting questions, getting troubleshooting help, and other PIE-related discussions. Hopefully it is a much more convenient channel, that doesn’t require sifting through lots of email like the mailing list did. As usual, please keep discussions on-topic […]

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Next steps

I thought we were doing well the first day, but yesterday our traffic was about triple! We’ve started getting some great feedback as people have a chance to try it out on real projects. Lots of happy campers, quite a few great bug reports, and some troubleshooting questions. It’s clear that we really need a […]

The First 24 Hours

It’s been a whirlwind of excitement since we launched PIE into public beta around 24 hours ago. All we did was post an announcement on Twitter, and it spread like wildfire from there. I’ve been fascinated with watching the network effects take over; we’ve seen hundreds of retweets, numerous posts on social bookmarking sites, and […]

PIE 1.0 beta 1 released

CSS3 PIE version 1.0 beta 1 has been officially released! Prior to this point, PIE has been developed and tested under the radar, with very few people aware of its existence. With this, the first public beta release, I am confident saying it is ready for widespread use. I would like to thank the private […]

PIE and Vendor Prefixes

For a long time, it was the common wisdom that any CSS properties or values implemented by a browser vendor which were not part of a ratified CSS specification should be given a vendor prefix, e.g. -moz-border-radius or -webkit-gradient, to make it clear that they were browser-specific. But in recent months that wisdom has been […]

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