Getting the ball rolling

Well it’s that time… the site has been up for a while but sitting pretty much empty, and that’s just not cool. I’m so incredibly excited by the potential of this project, and I need to get the word out there! So I’m writing this first blog post to get things rolling.

PIE has been in limited alpha testing with a select group of developers for a few weeks now, and I’m feeling good about the feedback so far and its readiness for real-world usage. But in terms of communicating what it’s all about and how to use it… we’ve got a long way to go. So getting the website together has become my number one priority.

Unfortunately this is the difficult part for me. I’m a true gearhead, so the coding and testing part comes naturally to me and I love doing it, but give me a marketing task and my eyes glaze over. Thankfully I have my awesome wife to help me out; she’s thrown together some incredible designs for a project logo and overall brand that make me absolutely giddy. And we’re working together on content for the site; I’m very thankful to have her input as she’s not a super-technical developer (a large part of my target audience!) and can help guide things based on her perspective. So expect all this to come together in the next couple weeks, followed hopefully by a public beta launch!

My next post will be a sort of high-level introduction to PIE and the history of how it came about.

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