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IE9 Error Thrown When Creating Linear Gradient
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Author:  Ixonal [ Fri Sep 13, 2013 8:11 am ]
Post subject:  IE9 Error Thrown When Creating Linear Gradient

in PIE_IE9_uncompressed.js, line 2221, an error is thrown because startX, startY, endX, and endY are all NaN. Tracking it back, I see that bgWidth and bgHeight are NaN, which seems to happen when in the draw function. for whatever reason, the bgAreaSize (line 2183) is 0 for width and height, and in the pixels function, it ends up doing 0/0, which is giving it NaN (it's probably meant to be 1). Now as for why the bgAreaSize is being set like it is for these elements, I'm not sure, but I did notice that one of the parameters to the getBgAreaSize function is bg.bgOrigin, but bg is explicitly set as an array, so it should never have that property.

At any rate, you should probably take a quick look at these functions.

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