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Using Pie with AngularJS
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Author:  Galdo [ Fri Jul 26, 2013 6:48 am ]
Post subject:  Using Pie with AngularJS

Hello guys,

CSS3Pie is really useful. I used it in my AngularJS project and it is doing a great job. Sadly, there are a few issues when you try to use Pie with Angular that I wasn't able to overcome.

First, the HTC version was not usable because it delay the initialization of AngularJS by 1 to 3 seconds and during this time, the page is not rendered properly. It might do the job in some projects, but in mine that was not acceptable.

PIE.js did solve this issue. The library load everything is displayed fine. But then I found the limitation of compatibility between the 2 libraries. If I attach PIE.js outside of the angular world, PIE won't attach to elements in ng-view. It make sense because those elements are not created when the attach occur.

If I do the attach during the initialization of my AngularJS controller, AngularJS will throw exceptions because, I guess, the DOM changed during the initialization.

If I delay the attach to occur after the initialization, it works fine, but I get exception from PIE.js if the ng-view change (a part of the DOM is destroyed and replaced by a new page).

My question is : Did someone successfully combined AngularJS and PIE.js before? Right now, i'm starting PIE.js outside of the angular scope. It's not applying to the ng-view, but I don't get exceptions... is there a way to detach elements during the destruction of the DOM to avoid the exceptions in PIE.js?

PS. I tried both version 1 and 2 of PIE.

Thank you!

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