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MSIE 8 freezing with PIE on Drupal site admin page
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Author:  Spudley [ Mon Oct 11, 2010 8:34 am ]
Post subject:  MSIE 8 freezing with PIE on Drupal site admin page


We are using PIE (beta2) on our Drupal-based site. This has been working well, and we're very happy with PIE's performance and features.

However, we have noticed that one of the standard Drupal admin pages is freezing solid when we try to load it while our PIE-enabled theme is in use.

The page in question is /admin/build/block (ie for anyone who knows Drupal, the page which allows you drag+drop your blocks into different page regions). As far as we can tell, no other pages have any problems, but this one causes the browser to freeze solid.

Apart from the drag+drop functionality it supports, I can't see any reason for this page to break PIE. It does have a large table in the middle of the page, but it's not *that* large, and none of the table/tr/td elements should be triggering PIE.

We've tried debugging with the uncompressed version of PIE, but we haven't been able to get a line number to report as a bug (IE's debugging tools aren't great, and the line number doesn't seem to be consistent, which implies an infinte loop, but we haven't worked out a pattern yet)

In the short term, we can probably live with this (as this is an admin page, we don't need to worry about external users, and we'll generally use Firefox internally), but we felt it was worth reporting.

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