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PIE stopped working after removing Selectivzr
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Author:  pdechery [ Tue Aug 28, 2012 2:03 pm ]
Post subject:  PIE stopped working after removing Selectivzr


I'm working on a site at wich I used PIE and it was ok, I've tested it in IE8 and everything worked well.

So, I move on and installed Selectivzr, to get IE 8 to accept other CSS 3 selectors.

Once again, everything went well. However, few weeks later I've got the "White Screen Of Death" problem in IE 8, and, after hours of troubleshooting, had to remove Selectivzr, since he was the cause of the problem.

But, for my surprise, removing Selectivzr made PIE to stop working. It worked well since the beginning, before Selectivrz was installed, but all of sudden, it stopped, leaving me completely lost.

I'd really appreciate any support, and here below is the link of my site, if anyone wants to check it:


You'll see that in IE 8 there's no border-radius, even if PIE is correctly installed.



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