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Multiple background images issue
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Author:  rasgar [ Tue Jul 17, 2012 9:37 am ]
Post subject:  Multiple background images issue

I don't exactly need help with this as I seem to have figured out the answer to my own problem, but I wanted to post this here in case anyone else has the same issue. I didn't know where else to post this.

When using multiple background images, for some bizarre reason having two images with similar names seems to mess the whole thing up. What I'm doing is a background at the top, with a second image that starts below it and repeats all the way to the bottom of the div.

-pie-background: url('sysimages/contentBG.jpg') no-repeat, url('sysimages/contentBG2.jpg') repeat-y; <--Renders the repeating image as transparent white pixels
-pie-background: url('sysimages/contentBG.jpg') no-repeat, url('sysimages/contentRpt.jpg') repeat-y; <--Makes the repeating image blurry and eventually fades out completely further down the page
-pie-background: url('sysimages/contentBG.jpg') no-repeat, url('sysimages/repeater.jpg') repeat-y; <--Works perfectly fine

The only thing I changed across the three examples was the name of the second image. I don't understand why that would change anything... but it does.

File comment: File named 'repeater'
3.jpg [100.69 KiB]
Not downloaded yet
File comment: File named 'contentRpt'
2.jpg [81.41 KiB]
Not downloaded yet
File comment: File named 'contentBG2'
1.jpg [70.2 KiB]
Not downloaded yet

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