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 IE seems unable to 'GET' from my site 
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Post IE seems unable to 'GET' from my site
Hello, I tried searching the forum to see if anyone else had this issue and was unable to find anything, so I apologize if a similar issue existed before. I am trying to implement PIE on a Sharepoint 2010 site, and I have done this before successfully on other sites, but seem to be having difficulty with this one in particular.

At first I thought the file wasn't loading at all, it seemed as if nothing was being applied... so I double-checked the path and it was correct, and it was serving the correct content type. I opened up the developer console (F12) and started a Network capture and found this perplexing bit of data. I apologize for the formatting since it is difficult pasting tables here, hopefully the column color-coding helps:

URL Method Result Type Received Taken Initiator
/Style%20Library/ GET 200 text/x-component 8.83 KB 125 ms N/A
/Style%20Library/ GET (Pending...) (Pending...) 0 B (Pending...) HTML Component
/Style%20Library/ GET (Pending...) (Pending...) 0 B (Pending...) HTML Component
/Style%20Library/ GET (Pending...) (Pending...) 0 B (Pending...) HTML Component

So it appears like it loads initially just fine, but whenever the styles request it, it just hangs... no 404, no error... it sends the Request but receives absolutely NO Response.

Right-clicking on any of these entries and choosing "Copy URL" will in fact provide me with a valid URL that I can paste into my browser window, which will immediately begin downloading the file to my local hard drive. This reinforces that syntax and path should be correct, but just for the record I'm using the following:

behavior: url(/Style%20Library/;

Honestly, I'm not sure if this is something you can even help me with; it could be something outright odd with this particular server I'm working on... after all it's completely normal for a Sharepoint site to behave outright wacky and unstable at times. But just in case this is something you've seen before I'm crossing my fingers you might know what could be causing this behavior.

If not then I guess I'll just have to use the PIE js with some Modernizr, no biggie but the htc is always preferred of course.

Thanks for your time!

Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:32 am

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Post Re: IE seems unable to 'GET' from my site
I've never heard of this before, so sorry I don't have any solution for you. I'm very curious about this so please let me know if you figure out a cause.

Thu Mar 15, 2012 4:48 pm

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Post Re: IE seems unable to 'GET' from my site
I was having some trouble with relative paths just now--does it work for you if you put in an absolute path? It did for me. No idea why.

Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:25 am

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Post Re: IE seems unable to 'GET' from my site
When working with .htc files and SharePoint 2010 (and any version of IE after IE7), you must either be in Permissive File mode or add the "text/x-component" MIME type to the "AllowedInlineDownloadedMimeTypes" list for each web application using PIE.

Permissive mode is the easiest to set on a web app but also opens you up to potential exploits if you allow users to upload content. (This is the same reason why PDFs do not open inside your browser by default in SharePoint 2010)

If this MIME type is not allowed, then IE will download the .htc but it will refuse to execute any behaviors contained in the file (the file is sent with the "X-Download-Options:noopen" header).

Adding the mime type to the webapp is relatively simple via PowerShell.
$webapp = Get-SPWebApplication <name or URL of web app>

This is a per-webapp setting, so you will need to make the change to each webapp that will use PIE.

Making this change will also let you store the inside a document library.


Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:19 pm

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Post Re: IE seems unable to 'GET' from my site
Thank you for the information, Robert, that is extremely helpful.

Thu Jul 05, 2012 7:05 pm
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