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Misplaced borders/shadows in IE8 (but not 6 or 7!)
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Author:  Coda [ Wed Aug 11, 2010 5:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Misplaced borders/shadows in IE8 (but not 6 or 7!)

I have a page that I'm working on and I'm using PIE to provide support for border-radius and box-shadow. The code works without a hitch in browsers with native support (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and it works flawlessly in IE7.

In IE6, however, some of the gradients and rounded frames are offset way to the right. Oddly, others are fine.

In IE8, MOST of the elements are right but ONE of my elements has its border and shadow WAY off down and to the right. Even more oddly, this element is rendered correctly in IE6.

In both cases, disabling PIE on the affected elements makes them end up in the right places.

The issue can be seen here: http://greenmaw.com/PIE-bug-demo -- IE7 serves as a reference point for correctness, or of course you can check in another browser.

Edit: IE6 can be fixed by judicious application of hasLayout. Haven't yet figured out how to get IE8 to behave.

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